David Suarez, Executive Chef

David Suarez, Executive Chef, Batch & Brine

David Suarez, a New York native with Jewish and Cuban family roots, is Batch & Brine’s perfect chef. We wanted one who did not have pre-conceived ideas about what a burger should taste like. Instead, we sought a chef who thinks differently about food combinations, who would embrace our family’s traditional recipes to convert them to a burger concept.  Chef Suarez, who trained at the French Culinary Institute in New York, has taken every opportunity to learn by cooking in various parts of the country, including New York, Washington D.C., Florida and California, and learning from some of our country’s greatest chefs.

One of his earliest childhood memories was making a homemade pie with fresh blueberries he had picked with his father. The dishes he creates are the culmination of his 30-plus years of unique restaurant experience, tapping into classic French technique and American favorites from his childhood and extensive experience in kitchens across the country. He has the freedom to be creative, drawing inspiration from his heritage, as well as that of the Batch & Brine ownership groups’ family, to create unique, delicious burgers, salads and much more.

Casey Carr, Mixologist

Casey Carr, Mixologist, Batch & Brine

Mixologist Casey Carr caught the fever for crafting as he learned that he could incorporate his own ideas in the drinks he was making. He has bartended at a series of restaurants, from Corporate to Boutique/Professional, even “Mom & Pop” shops.

“The philosophy that has developed within my craft is…. I want to do Simple. Really, really well. I want to take drinks people have been familiar with for years & do something that either surprises them, brings balance, or make a completely new experience for the guest. Essentially, I LOVE 20 Ingredient drinks that are complex and super involved to make. That being said, I love people to find community and belonging with each other at the bar more. Whatever experience a guest is looking for – exquisite drinks, or a Coors Light – it doesn’t matter to me as long as they are having a good time and adding to the bar community that comes here.”

Kevin Watson, General Manager

Kevin Watson, General Manager, Batch & Brine

Kevin joined the Ghaben family restaurants at age nineteen. Fifteen years later, he is now General Manager of Batch & Brine. Kevin loves being around a lot of people and interacting with his crew and our guests. He is excited about our eclectic burger and sandwich offerings, and is particularly passionate about our select small batch beer and wine program. “I like making guests feel like family, and enjoy when they come back and ask me what else on our menu they should try this time.”